Sunday, November 30, 2008 on the F train

Yesterday while was in the F train in New York, a young blond man came through the crowded car soliciting donations. I would not have given him much notice, except that as he was carrying a small black cat, and supposedly collecting for an organization called "Homeless Pets NYC" with a website The URL will take you to a site that describes the person I saw and his black cat, and suggests that like most subway solicitations it's a scam. Very sad.


whaleshaman said...

Did you get to Carnegie Hall by the F Train??

Or was it Practice, practice, practice? [h/t to the free radical]


PS: My favorite restaurant, Molyvos, just happens to be near the same stop. The family also owns City Limits Diner, at 200 Central Avenue in White Plains -- at least that's what a driving cat [who was never cruelly exploited on the subway, btw] once told me. They are also building a new eatery in Armonk, says my Mom. Small world, eh, when we cross our eyes and connect the dots.

If you haven't returned home yet, have a safe journey, and as usual, scritches for your favorite kitty.

furniture said...
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catsynth said...

I did actually use the 57th Street station on this trip, after visiting the MoMA. That will be part of an upcoming post :)

Shortstop8 said...

That's a bad person, using a poor kitty and scamming people for money. I do hope he treats the kitty he has with him well.

Look forward to seeing more of the NY trip.

ericaclayton said...

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