Saturday, July 21, 2007

Calling tech support again

Well, we're still here in exile, and it looks like it will last though the rest of the weekend at a minimum. We talked to another nice man at tech support late this morning, who said it would take 24-48 hours to reinstate the domain. And this is 24-48 hours after the first call where they said the same thing.

I can't understand why it takes multiple days to re-register a domain name. I've registered plenty in my time, and they usually come up within an hour of payment (e.g., and I even tried to simply re-order myself to prove the point, but of course that didn't work because someone already owns it...

What may not be apparent is that losing affects not only CatSynth, but my main music site, direct CD purchasing, and my main personal and artistic email address. This is a huge mess.


whaleshaman said...

too surreal for words!

maybe this would explain why the nice long comment i left for last wcb [but later in the week] just imploded into the ether -- as though we had strayed too close to a black hole!

hope you're up and running smoothly at warp speed soon.

and that you had a good time at the electronic mewsic event [forgive, i cannot remember its name].

THE ZOO said...

oh boy wes understand about puter probles. We had them bad 2 weeks ago and is waiting on sales tax free weekend in August (the 13) so we can buy a new puter.

Bad Kitty said...

All it has to do is cycle through and that doesn't take long and if they hand insert the DNS1 and 2 numbers it would be instant. Sounds like tech is allowing to to just recyle on it's own instead of typing in a few numbers. Goofy people... sending love your way. If you need anything let us know... Purrs

Bad Kitty Cats

catsynth said...

Well, it might be time to at least consider another ISP. The service here has gone down considerably in the past couple years, and now this.