Friday, July 20, 2007

Welcome to our temporary home

Welcome to the temporary home of We'll park ourselves here in the "trailer" while we get things sorted out.

Actually, the site is still up and running fine. It's our primary domain "" that is the problem. Apparently our ISP neglected to renew our domain name. Simple bureaucratic incompetence. Unlike FEMA, there's not even a pretense of their helping us find temporary housing. So here we are.

True, it could be a lot worse, we could actually be in a FEMA trailer after having our entire town trashed".


Anonymous said...

It's bad timing, and I wish I can have a word with Mr. Murphys Law.

I'm glad you have a temporary home. I miss that site. I hope to you can go back home soon.

sher said...

Ugh! Well, that's terrible. But, yes, those FEMA trailers are pretty bad.